Beautiful gardens and parks

Parco Aymerich, Acero  [foto Ente Foreste]

 It was in 1866 that the scholar Patrizio Gennari established the Botanical Gardens in Cagliari, a collection of plants which today includes hundreds of species. Within the Gardens, there are four Roman cisterns, around which Neoclassical architect Gaetano Cima designed the Gardens as a temple of modern botanical science.

In the same years, Cima landscaped for the Marquess Aymerich a 22 hectares park just outside the small village of Laconi, around the ruins of a castle dating back to the 11th century. The Aymerich Park is a maze of paths converging at the main spring. Water brooks and streams flow along the whole route, in a lush parkland of Himalayan cedar, holm oak and cherry trees.

Botanist Gennari traversed the island to respond to a special invitation: from Caprera Giuseppe Garibaldi had requested his advice. Around Garibaldi’s home, now restored and turned into a much-frequented museum, we can sense the reverence for nature felt by Italy’s hero in the last years of his life. Above the olive grove and the junipers soars the monumental Clelia’s Pine, planted by Garibaldi to celebrate his daughter’s birth in 1867. All around, the crystal-clear sea.

The romantic fascination with the primitive, with the scents of an unspoilt land, drew to Sardinia the Welsh engineer Piercy. The English garden he created at Bolotana stretches to the rear of his manor house. His interest in botany is witnessed by the varied shapes of the plants populating the garden: the Spanish fir, the Lawson cypress and the Balearic box-tree.

Nature and spirituality welcome visitors to the Park of San Leonardo di Siete Fuentes in Santu Lussurgiu. The small medieval church and the seven springs are surrounded by 5 hectares of woodland with elms and chestnut trees, yews and maples, where the silence is broken only by the faint tinkle of waters, the eternal music telling the tale of the extraordinary hidden beauties of Sardinia.

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