To the north of Bosa, along the rugged coastal area that leads to Alghero, a promontory emerges, volcanic in nature, around which there is a succession of reddish tuff rocks, coves and ravines. It is Capo Marargiu, so inaccessible and secluded that, over the decades, it has welcomed majestic and extremely rare species of wildlife and, consequently, has become a bio-marine park. You can reach it via paths surrounded by Mediterranean scrub, amidst myrtles and lentisks, and you will find yourself in a timeless landscape: in the background, to the north, lies Capo Caccia with the islet of sa Pagliosa facing it, while to the south, you will see the white trachyte cliffs of Bosa. At the foot of the ‘cape’ there are a series of pebbly coves with some sandy stretches plunging into a sea of light and cobalt blue waters.