Set between the valleys of Oschiri, it is located on Monteacuto, at the entrance to the Gallura area, but within the province of Sassari. The lake of Coghinas collects the waters coming from the Rio Mannu rivulet and from the river of the same name. Its origin dates back to 1927 when, in the wild setting of the slopes of Monte Limbara, the barrage and the hydroelectricity power station were implemented on one of the greatest bodies of water of the Island, the Coghinas. The dam, which is 185 meters long and 58 metres high, dominates the end part of the basin, which has a capacity for 254 million cubic metres of water.

On the eastern bank of the gorge, you will notice an Art Nouveau style villa: it was the home of the director of the plant, which was later abandoned. From here, the lake opens up, following the route dictated by the mountains, bathing 18 square kilometres of territory. All around, valleys are dotted with Mediterranean scrub, holm oak forests and cork oak woods as far as the eye can see.