Like a sentinel, perched on the edge of a promontory, 785 metres high, at the foot of Mount Cuguruttu, it dominates and oversees the Tirso valley and the entire Marghine. The imposing Nuraghe Orolo, a symbol of the picturesque village of Bortigali - famous for its delicious cheeses and a still active watermill - offers a spectacle of unusual beauty: from its summit, your gaze will sweep over a vast portion of central Sardinia, from the Macomer plain to the Abbasanta plateau, all the way to Gennargentu. You can easily get there by car from State Road 131, exiting at kilometre 149.5 at the junction for the hamlet of Mulargia and continuing for a few kilometres along Provincial Road 62. Or you can visit it on foot as part of the 'Nature Trail', which starts in the village (four kilometres from the nuraghe) and climbs Mount Santu Padre.