At kilometre 145 of the State Road 131 (the Macomer-Birori junction in the direction of Sassari), it rises on a basaltic slope on the sides of Monte Manai in a dominant position on the Abbasanta plain. Leaving the main Sardinian thoroughfare, after a short distance travelled along a steep road, the Santa Barbara nuraghe can be admired in all its majesty. It takes its name from the ruins of the rural church dedicated to the saint. It has a complex architectural structure, consisting of a central tower and a quadrilobate bastion almost nine metres in height, which encloses an open-air courtyard. The four towers of the bastion, dated to the 15th century BC, are connected by curtain walls constructed in basalt blocks. Originally, it was defended by a barbican, with an attestation from the 19th century that is barely legible today.