It is set in north Campidano plain, in the lower valley of the Tirso river, in one of the island’s most fertile areas cultivated for grapes, olives, artichokes, tomatoes, watermelons and melons. Solarussa is a farming town of 2500 inhabitants just over ten kilometres from Oristano, where the Peace Treaty between Eleonora of Arborea and John I of Aragon was signed in 1388. Its Latin name, solum russus, refers to the red-coloured earth in the area. In the 20th century, local industry included the oil-products industry, which produced olive-pomace oil, and an agricultural processing plant, a first of its kind on the island. Today, the town is known for its wine: in Bennaxi, Solarussa’s prolific countryside, the land is green with vernaccia vineyards. The sumptuous wine made from these grapes is the focus of a festival where it is paired with local dishes.