Sipping cannonau


Sipping cannonau

A red DOC wine with intense, persistent colours and aromas made with grapes of the same name that can also be used to produce rosé and sweet or dry fortified wines
among the aromas of the cannonau vineyards

Jerzu, Tortolì, Oliena and Mamoiada, vineyards and wineries in the heart of Sardinia

Route: 125 km 

driving time: 2 h 35 min 

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“il cannonau”


A terraced village draped on the slopes of a calcareous taccu. All around are vineyards carved out of the steep sides of the hills. The area is famous for the red DOC cannonau it produces and the town is known all over Sardinia as the Wine City.
Jerzu - Paese
The town of rocky outcrops and fabulous views, of cannonau wine and other delicacies, of ancestral traditions and folklore, the genuine soul of...


Town famous for the food and wine that has its origins in agricultural and pastoral traditions. The territory is home to fine wines thanks to the cannonau grapes grown in the vineyards and the wide range of aperitif, table and dessert wines produced. The wine is paired with traditional dishes like culurgiones, a type of ravioli prepared with a flour and water casing filled with potatoes and cheese.
Arbatax veduta panoramica - Tortolì
This is the main city on central Sardinia’s eastern coast, famous for its beautiful beaches, for environmental variety, traditions, crops and fishing


A farm town known for its beautiful landscapes and wine. A fine cannonau wine called Nepente is made here and mentioned by the author Gabriele D’Annunzio in his preface to the Osteria d’Italia guidebook written by Hans Barth in 1909: You don’t know the Nepente wine made in Oliena, even by reputation? Oh my! I am sure that if you were to have just a sip you’d never give it up!
Veduta di Oliena
In the centre of Sardinia,in the Nuoro area, between the mountains and surrounded by woods, there is a little village in which the essence and...


In 1770 the Savoy Viceroy took note of Mamoiada for its many vineyards. A fine cannonau wine is made here, one with a special aroma and an elevated alcohol content. The centre is famous for the traditional carnival masks of the Mamuthones and the Issohadores and for the marvellous landscape of oak and chestnut woods that surround town.
Maschera Mamuthone - Mamoiada
Tradition and passion in the centre of Sardinia: a hospitable village 16 kilometres from Nuoro will enchant you with its wine, culinary delicacies,...


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