The torrone route


The torrone route

This itinerary takes you to the hazelnut and almond tree stands of the Barbagia to discover a traditional delicacy
the sweet flavours of times past

To the villages of stone houses of Tonara, Desulo and Aritzo to discover the places where artisans still make torrone (nougat), and where the aromas and secrets of times past are still passed along over the generations.

Route: 30 km 
Driving time: 41 min 

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The town famous for its torrone and is Sardinia’s main producer of the special nougat. Located in the Barbagia, on the western slopes of the Gennergentu, surrounded by woods of hazelnut and chestnut trees, the town is actually a fusion of smaller villages, its old houses built with stone and graced with characteristic balconies. The torrone from Tonara is made with honey, nuts and egg white. Every year on Easter Monday they hold a special feast dedicated to this sweet delicacy
Veduta panoramica - Tonara
This is the village of the nougat makers, of woodcarvers and ancient traditions, a characteristic village in the Gennargentu, in the heart of Sardinia


A characteristic mountain town on the western slopes of the Gennargentu. Well worth a visit is the Casa Montanaru museum, home of the Sardinian lyric poet Antioco Casula. The town is also celebrated for its woodcarving tradition, for its textiles and leather. At the end of October and the beginning of November they have a festival entitled La Montagna produce, when visitors can ride horseback and sample fine torrone made with arbutus and chestnut honey.
Donne in abito tradizionale - Desulo
A picturesque mountain village in the middle of Sardinia between Mandrolisai and Barbagia di Belvì, characterized by centuries-old traditions and...


Sardinia’s mountain tourism centre sits at an altitude of 800 m above sea level. The town’s streets are lined with old stone houses and the buildings that were once a Spanish prison are still in use today. The Sardinian Mountain museum is home to relics from the town’s agricultural and pastoral traditions. Around town are woods of oak and chestnut trees. The territory is also home to a natural monument known as su Texile, a calcareous formation that looks like a heel. The creative spirit of the Aritzesians is best expressed in their traditional sweets like hazelnut and walnut torrone (nougat) and the celebrated carapigna, a lemon sorbet still made in the traditional way.
A mountain village in the heart of Sardinia surrounded by dense woods, it was once known for its trade in ice and is now renowned for its tourism...


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