It is considered one of the best examples of Gothic-Catalan architecture on the Island and, not surprisingly, it embellishes the historic centre of Alghero, the entire residential area of which you can admire from the top of the ancient bell tower. The church of San Francesco has always been officiated by the Friars Minor Conventual, who built it in the late 15th century on the site where a small church surrounded by a vegetable garden once stood. The building is part of a complex that also includes a convent, a cloister and a bell tower. In reality, the ‘present-day’ church contains a mixture of architectural and decorative styles, resulting from reconstruction that took place before 1598. A collapse caused the central part and various side chapels to be destroyed and reconstruction took place according to the styles that were fashionable at the time. As well as the cloister, the presbytery with the side chapels and the first two chapels next to the counter-façade date back to the original Gothic structure.