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There are many places to see, each with its own unique beauty. You can choose to see many or only one, change your destination every year or return to the place you love whenever you get the chance. Whatever you wish, Sardinia is the right choice.
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Welcome to southern Sardinia, where the treasures of the sea, art and good food will become your travelling companions.
Murales of Fonni
Nuoro and the small townships are the island’s hidden and silent heart, dominated by the rugged and wild mountains of Supramonte and Gennargentu, where you can find the essence of Sardinian traditions and hospitality.
Capo Caccia Sardegna
White beaches kissed by a sea with shades of silver, turquoise, blue and topaz. Sandy coves, cliffs, islands. Many of the legends about Sardinia’s splendour come from here, from the enchanting northwestern side of the island. Explore it with us.
Costa Ovest3
The stormy sea that breaks on limestone cliffs. The golden sunsets that illuminate the wagons of old mines and the mistral wind, raising clouds of pink flamingos and shaping the dunes. Welcome to Sardinia’s west coast.
Cala Luna
A spectacular area, where the low and sandy coast alternates with gigantic ridges. Ponds, beaches and the sublime charm of the mountains. Discover the beautiful Sardinian east coast.
Nord est
Famous for its sparkling life between sea and elegant squares, northeast Sardinia welcomes you with a smile to its small, dream coves. Leap into the life of the Costa Smeralda, where you will find that the dream is a reality and it’s called Sardinia.