Sardinia, a great soul within it, the sea around it

Ogliastra - Baunei

Sardinia, a great soul within it, the sea around it

“This land resembles no other place, an enchanting space around an individual and a distance to travel, nothing finished, nothing defined, it is like freedom itself” (D.H. Lawrence)
charm and extraordinary beauty, this land resembles no other place

It resembles no other place. This is what the first travellers from the past wrote about Sardinia. They recount the emotion of this land that slowly emerges from the sea and the spectacular unspoilt nature that is revealed. A land embraced by an intense light. Towering mountains that slope towards the coast, framing marine scenarios that are always different: cliffs sculpted by the wind, long beaches, bays hidden by the Mediterranean scrub, sand dunes covered with white lilies.

Cala Luna - Dorgali Baunei
Donne in abito tradizionale
enchanted places with itineraries in nature and inner paths of thought

With a thousand of proposals for holidays that meet the needs of every type of visitor, Sardinia has a very intimate aspect, a deep soul to be discovered, making it the meditative and introspective island par excellence. Dozens of famous writers from all over the world, after having spent a holiday here at least once in their lifetime, immediately elected it the perfect meditative retreat. Following in the footsteps of these writers from the past and those of today, you will travel along roads that lead to the heart of the island. Let yourself be welcomed by the inland communities and you will get to know the generous hospitality of the Sardinians and the flavours of the cuisine accompanied by Cannonau wine and myrtle liqueur.

Suonatori di launeddas - Festa di Sant'Efisio
Porto Frailis - Arbatax Ogliastra
searching for unique feelings: Sardinia inspires both mind and body

Listen to the voices of the Canto a Tenores and the archaic sound of the launeddas. Participate in the rituals of pagan festivals and religious celebrations, the roots of which are in remote temples, and join in with the singing and the popular dances in the square. Let yourself be carried away by the rhythm, along with the little Sardinian village communities. In the notes of the Sardinian music lies the legacy of ancient cultures. With its magic and mystery, you will discover an unusual island, where time seems to stand still and where the rhythm of life follows the ancestral rhythm of nature.

Codula - Cala Luna - Dorgali
Monte Corrasi - Donna e tablet
contemplating the unspoilt nature nourishes the soul

Sardinia offers individual itineraries allowing you to reflect and find yourself, while losing yourself in the beauty of the territory. This is true, whether you stay in a relaxing hotel with every comfort or you are walking with your backpack and, perhaps, a good book to read along with a few typical products to enjoy by the campfire, as it lights up the night just like the stars. The moments in which you contemplate nature and integrate with it will remain indelibly fixed in your memory. These are places in which you can nourish your own spirituality. All year round in silent, evocative landscapes, you can search for and find your mental and physical balance. This is the deep soul of Sardinia.