Vacanze in Sardegna - Sito ufficiale della Regione Sardegna

Primo piano

Streets, squares and views that become enchanting sceneries and backdrops. Sardinia offers its wealth of tourist and cultural attractions against the magic palette of a multitude of landscapes. So at Tavolara the starry sky becomes a cinema hall, Nora’s Roman amphitheatre hosts the “Notte dei Poeti”, a summer calendar of concerts and shows, and an old mining site at Sassari becomes a stage for a fascinating cultural event - the Argentiera Festival. Last but not least, the quaint alleys and small squares of the village of Gavoi come alive in the summer with readings and shows during its famous literary festival. Read on...

Asinara is an island with an enchantingly jagged coastline, with many bays and inlets...


24 July
Dal 12.02.2016 al 14.10.2016

In Cagliari an overview of classical music, electronic sounds and poetry. ...

Dal 01.04.2016 al 30.12.2016

At Cagliari Opera House the shows run until december 2015

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