Authentic natural luxury

Cala Luna - Dorgali

Authentic natural luxury

It’s everywhere in Sardinia, it’s priceless and it can’t be bought
personality and beauty nourish the soul

As soon as you set foot in Sardinia, your senses reawaken: dazzling light, infinite shades of blue and green, African multicolour sunsets, night skies with an oriental flavour and the wild scent of the earth and the briny sea air that pervade the island. Your gaze will be magnetically attracted by the happy outcome of a tormented and interminable geological life that left a legacy of ancient rocky mountains and lunar landscapes alternating with intricate woods and natural monuments, surrounded by a coastline so captivating that it looks like it has been catapulted here from other worlds. A generous island of positive energy, all to be captured.

Alluring Ichnusa

Tirrenide is drifting. A fragment emerges... it is an island that conceals tunnels, ravines and amazing caves deep within, which open up to the world from time to time. The star attractions are in the Alghero area and images fail to do justice to so much splendour, so you really need to go to the Neptune caves and, while diving, to those of Nereo. If you are diver, they are both yours.
Neptune's grotto (Grotta di Nettuno)
Between the cliffs overlooking the sea on the northwestern tip of Sardinia, rooms ‘embroidered’ by nature open up, with stalactites and stalagmites...

Mysterious, the Giants, the epitome

Nuragic palaces, domus de Janas, circles of menhirs and Tombs of Giants uncovered in their thousands in centres of energy and sacred places. Then, soon after and by chance, the stone Giants came to light - dozens of them are standing in the museums of Cabras and Cagliari, others are lying down, waiting, inside a small hill, Mont’e Prama. In their presence, you will feel the legend still shrouded in mystery.
Giganti Mont'e Prama - Museo Archeologico
Civic Archaeological Museum "Giovanni Marongiu" of Cabras
In the central-western part of Sardinia, there is a place of culture in which traces of the past rebuild the history of the Sinis peninsula,...

Ancient, but look beyond

The vanguard emerges on the outskirts of the world, in the sensitivities permeated with thousands of years of culture of Costantino Nivola, Maria Lai and Pinuccio Sciola. Their works, cornerstones of conceptual art, can be found throughout the world, but numerous installations are at their birthplaces, which have nourished their art with the primordial power of Mother Earth. You will hear their voices in Orani, Ulassai and San Sperate, in threads and textures, sculptures and sounding stones.
Museo Nivola - Orani
Nivola Museum
In the centre of Sardinia, the greatest collection of sculptures and paintings by Costantino Nivola is kept in his village of origin. He was one of...

Born free

It’s a European record: 480 kilometres of no ticket beaches, between granite cliffs and myrtle and juniper scrubland, with dunes and sands where its geological memory is imprinted. ‘Powders’ made up of marine organisms, granules of coral and grains of quartz... Its sands are so precious that they deserve protection. They look like hints of the southern seas, but they are one of the essences of authentic Sardinia.
Piscina Rei
Piscina Rei
A very long and wide stretch of fine, white sand that ends in clear, shallow water, set like a jewel on the south-eastern coast of Sardinia, one of...

Naturally sporty

The low density of houses and population leaves space for natural outdoor gyms, but don't expect to find many of them within walking distance of the most popular places. Ride your bike to Capo Figari, Capo Testa and Capo Caccia. Do some trekking to the coves of Caprera and the trails of Gallura. In the scenario of the gulfs of Asinara and Oristano, have fun sailing, surfing and kitesurfing. Privileges at no cost.
Rena di Ponente e di Levante - Santa Teresa Gallura
Rena di Levante and Rena di Ponente
In the high area of Gallura, in the far north of Sardinia, you will find white, sandy expanses surrounded by small rocky coves filled with the...

Island of long life

The DNA of our centenarians counts, but their lifestyle also helps them stay fit. They eat fresh, wholesome foods and their tables are filled with produce that comes from clean land and sea. They walk a lot and in company, breathing in healthy iodised air. It’s not so difficult if you live in a place with a low concentration of inhabitants and where the sea, washing thousands of kilometres of coastline, brings all the good air it has with it.