The love for his land, which he never forgot, influenced by a fascination for the world: this is a distinctive feature of the art of Costantino Nivola, who was born in Orani in 1911. His works are located in the simplicity of the museum that was dedicated to him in 1995, seven years after his death, in the ancient (and renovated) village wash-house, on a panoramic hill. The artist's most important collection is kept here. He was a protagonist of modernism in the 20th century: more than 200 works on show document originality and artistic abilities of the man who combined the values, history and traditions of his land with creative inspiration, matured through encounters with other contemporary artists in Europe and America. In fact, he left Sardinia as a young man and went to the United States, where he trained and held positions in prestigious companies, who commissioned various works by him.