In the deepest blue

Diving in Sardegna

In the deepest blue

Diving in Sardinia, searching for diving licenses and strong emotions
predictable diving? The sea is a different experience here

Do you want to learn diving techniques from scratch, improve your scuba level and do some great diving? Sardinia is the right place for your ‘sea baptism’, for obtaining international course licenses and for partaking in the most exciting diving in the Mediterranean; in challenging locations such as the Grotte di Nereo cave system in Alghero. Here, a single dive would not be enough if you want to fully enjoy the magnificent sights and in those technically simple but never trivial dives, rare and elsewhere unrepeatable, like at the immense ‘città delle nacchere’ in Golfo Aranci the noble creatures of the sea in danger of extinction.

An Island in the middle of the Mediterranean could only have extraordinary seabeds like these. They are unique and special and every stretch of the underwater world tells its own story, according to its ancient geological, biological and human history. It is an exceptional gym for moving around in the other dimension of the sea. And enjoying yourself like crazy.

The Secca del Papa shoal

It is like diving into the Mediterranean of a century ago and perhaps this is why it considers itself the fairest of them all, with its huge cloaks of red and yellow gorgonians and an increasingly rare variant with red at the base and yellow on the tips. Other colourful organisms live on them, such as annelids, ascidians and bivalve molluscs. It is a forest that leaves you amazed, not to mention a chance to follow the incredible scenes of the hunt for pelagic fish living in the shoals around Tavolara.
Isola di Tavolara - San Teo
In the north-eastern part of Sardinia, a granite colossus appears from the emerald green sea, dotted with green juniper, rosemary and mastic bushes...

The house of coral

It was 1957 when a grouper 'dragged' a fisherman into a siphon. He re-emerged inside a cave where huge coral branches hang, something that had never seen before. He didn’t know it at the time, but he had discovered the most important underwater cave system in the Mediterranean and one of the most beautiful in the world. They returned and discovered others, connected to each other and covered with that 'red gold', and this went on for a while, until the sublime natural beauty of Nereo became a shared asset and the heritage of all divers.
Capo Caccia. Isola Piana - Alghero
Capo Caccia - Isola Piana
Cliffs shaped by time, plunging into the sea; caves and underwater grottoes; rare lifeforms such as coral; marine flora and shoals of fish: the...

All together now, at the Catalano

A series of shoals with their cap almost surfacing, where travellers will do some memorable snorkelling 5 miles from the coast of western Sardinia, but with water up to the waist, while for experienced scuba divers, scenarios open up in the depths, with basalt columns that look like they were artfully sculpted pebbly beds of rivers that once existed and the ancient shoreline, now submerged. It is an inclusive geological garden, populated by the most intriguing Mediterranean species and they call it ‘carousel’. '.
Mal di Ventre - Ca
Mal di Ventre
Off the central-western coast of Sardinia lies an uninhabited island in a special nature reserve; the name hints at its often choppy seas, but its...

The kingdom of the groupers

In unprotected seas, the groupers quickly swim away if they see a diver, but they feel safe in the oases, where they swim around in groups and come to meet you with curiosity. In the shoals of Asinara, they are big, weighing as much as 40 kg, and the groupers that live in the shoal of Lavezzi, twenty minutes by dinghy from Santa Teresa di Gallura and Palau, are even bigger. It doesn't matter whether they are Sardinian or French, a dive with peaceful groupers is the most amusing thing that can happen in the water!
Parco Nazionale dell'Asinara, Asinelli bianchi
The Asinara National Park
The power and fascination of extraordinary environmental and historical evolution, the wild, unspoilt nature of one of the major Sardinian islands...

The ‘città delle nacchere’

The pinna nobilis molluscs are in danger of extinction everywhere and in areas where they are still present, they are threatened by man. The resilience manifesto of a colony of hundreds of stubborn, old ‘nacchere’ molluscs is written on the seabed at a depth of just ten metres, at the entrance to the port of Golfo Aranci. They survived the nets, the savage anchor and the comings and goings of ferries and now they are more than 70 centimetres tall. To divers, they look like an immense cemetery of tombstones stuck on the seabed, but they are not dead, they are still here and they’re alive… "oh yes indeed!".
Veduta di Golfo Aranci
Golfo Aranci
Splendid and renowned locality on the northeastern tip of Sardinia, a few kilometres from Olbia, with wonderful natural treasures and precious...