From a symbol of the resistance of the Punic and Sardinian allies against the Roman Empire to a centre of Christianity on the island. This is the sad story of the lost town of Cornus, ancestor of the little town of Cuglieri. What remains of it is set in an extraordinary landscape at the foot of the Montiferru massif, between the seaside villages of Torre del Pozzo and s’Archittu, as it keeps an eye on the lunar rocks of Santa Caterina di Pittinuri. A visit at sunset makes it even more beautiful, with the sun setting on the sea in front of the hill of Columbaris, where the Early Christian ruins stand, bearing witness to the last stage of its existence.

The Carthaginians founded it at the end of the 6th century BC in this very strategic position for trade in Antiquity. It soon became rich and prosperous. The acropolis of the Punic city was built on the hill of Corchinas on a pre-existing Nuragic settlement around which the residential and artisan districts developed.