A town of some two thousand inhabitants in the Province of Sassari on the slopes of the Goceano high plains. The Benetutti area has magnificent views over the upper valley of the Tirso river and includes ancient forests that are home to deer and foxes, a haven for hikers and mountain bikers. Thermal springs and archaeological remains are the main attractions of a town steeped in the traditions of agriculture and craftsmanship, in winemaking, baking and the preparation of sweets enjoyed during local festivities. Weaving, working with iron and stone provide a touch of modern artistic flair.

It’s an ancient town whose outskirts are home to traces of settlements that date back to the Neolithic Age: the statue menhir of monte Mannu, dolmen (stone tombs) of monte Maone (III millennium BCE) and the domus de Janas at Luzzanas and Mandra e’ Giosso, the only one of its kind in Sardinia with two storeys. There are also remains from the Nuragic Age, like the Giant Tombs, the s’Aspru nuraghe, the largest in this area, and the Sisine, Puddighinu and Carvoneddu. And, finally, the Roman ruins: a thermal bath with marble steps on the premises of what is now the San Saturnia thermal springs establishment.