Its famous name is no coincidence: once upon a time, the hero of the two worlds moored his ships here, in a harbour that can still be seen. Cala Garibaldi takes up the north-western coast of Caprera, opposite the small island of Giardinelli and the three Italian islets. The beach has fine, golden sand, crystalline, transparent water and a gently sloping seabed forming small, natural swimming pools among the rocks, making the cala a popular place for families with children. It offers fairy-tale landscapes, and is popular with snorkelling, underwater fishing and windsurfing enthusiasts. The beach is framed by large, light-coloured rocks cloaked in the intense green of Mediterranean brush, contrasting with the brilliant, shifting emerald green, azure and turquoise tones of the sea.

To the north of the beach there are another two small calas protected by pink rocks, known as Cala Serena, an ideal place to spend a relaxing day (as the name says), with services including a large car-park, disabled access, beach equipment for hire, bar and restaurant. On the flat western coast of Caprera, the second largest island in the national park, don't miss Cala Napoletana. To the east, the coastline becomes steeper and more rugged: Cala Coticcio, "the Sardinian Tahiti", Cala Portese (or Cala dei Due Mari), where the water laps both sides of the cove, and the splendid Spiaggia del Relitto stand out. The whole archipelago offers stretches of coast that will leave unforgettable memories of your holiday: the beaches of the "big sister" La Maddalena, linked to Caprera by the Passodella Moneta, and the coves of the islands of Santo Stefano, Spargi and Budelli, which can be reached by guided excursion or private boat rides (with respect for the park rules).

A few kilometres from the coast of Caprera, on the other hand, you can combine seaside and culture by visiting the Compendio Garibaldino, one of the most popular museums in Italy, which includes the Casa Bianca, Giuseppe Garibaldi's last home. It still preserves his memory, with his daily objects, goods and memorabilia.