Setting off from the town of Sant’Antioco and moving south along the eastern coast of the island that gives its name to the town, there are various easily accessible and ‘naturally’ relaxing beaches. Instead, on the other side, you enter into an area of low hills covered with Mediterranean greenery and cultivated fields. The sea can no longer be seen for about ten kilometres. Then the cove of Cala Sapone appears. When you see it appear, you’ll understand why it is considered one of the places that the people of Sant’Antioco love the most. The sandy stretch, which has coarse, amber-coloured sand mixed with shells and coral fragments, is not very wide, while the northern stretch has reefs and flat rocks tinged with white, where you can sunbathe or dive. The promontory to the right of the cove is completely covered in Mediterranean scrub, while beyond the cliff, to the south, you can admire a small and enchanting gulf surrounded by islets and rocky outcrops.