It is located in the valley of the Cixerri river, in a largely mountainous territory. Domus novas, with over six thousand inhabitants, is an important municipality in the Iglesiente area and is known as the 'village of the grottoes' as well as being a protagonist in the historic mining period, which lasted over a year, until the middle of the 20th century, with approximately 50 mines, among which Arenas, Barraxiutta, Sa Duchessa and Tiny. As well as the abandoned sites, you can also visit the city museums: the Mineralogical Museum located in the former Monte Granatico with collections of minerals and fossils, and the Museum of Wildlife and Nature. Evidence of the extraction activities are also kept in the vast complex of Monte Linas-Oridda-Marganai, a park with varied landscapes: from the granite Mount Linas and the limestone massif of Marganai to the Plateau of Oridda, where the forest of Montimannu is situated. In the granitic areas you will come across gorges and waterfalls, like Piscina Irgas and you will find holm oak forests on the elevations, which you can travel through on foot or on horseback.