Becoming a fraction of Cagliari in 1937, the Municipality of Elmas went on to acquire autonomy in 1989. Within its territory lies the modern airport named after Mario Mameli, handling the most passengers of all three main gateways to Sardinia, situated just ten minutes from the centre of the capital. Also of interest is the military airport, thanks to its history and architecture, having witnessed the companies of De Pinedo and Balbo in 1927. The great barracks of the aviators comprise one of the most particular structures, with a helical ramp for ascent and descent. Elmas also houses the most important press centre on the island.

Founded as a village of fishermen and farmers on the banks of the Stagno di Cagliari (called the Laguna di Santa Gilla), its most attractive naturalistic expression is where the flight of pink flamingos can be seen. Today, the town boasts a population of almost ten thousand inhabitants and is constantly growing.