It is one of the sources of pride in a city that, thanks to its artistic and cultural ferment, has earned itself the title of ‘Sardinian Athens’. The National Archaeological Museum of Nuoro, dedicated to the intellectual and political figure of Giorgio Asproni, is located in the historic centre of the main city of Barbagia, a stone’s throw from the Cathedral of Nostra Signora della Neve. The exhibition is located inside a historical 19th century neoclassical-style building that belonged to Asproni himself. It was inaugurated in 2002, but contains a collection with a decidedly older history: the collection dates back to the early 20th century, when Canon Mauro Sale entrusted the objects in his possession to the Municipality of Nuoro. Thanks to donations from private individuals and the activity of the Gruppo Grotte Nuorese, the ‘speleo-archaeological civic museum’ opened in 1978 and, after closure and integration of the collection following further excavation campaigns, led to the emergence of the present-day museum.