Perched at an altitude of some 500 metres, nestled in scenery that includes fertile valleys and gently sloping fields, Isili is a town of less than three thousand inhabitants in the Sarcidano region on the boundary between southern Sardinia and Barbagia. Originally devoted to farming and herds, the town excelled in working copper and for a long time it was Sardinia’s main production centre. This tradition can be seen at the museo dell’Arte del Rame e del Tessuto (copper and textile museum), which displays copper items alongside carpets of all colours, another of the town’s renowned vocations. The houses in town have spacious courtyards and arched gateways, and the centre is home to an important monument of historic and artistic value: the Church of San Giuseppe Calasanzio, who is celebrated in late August. The church was built between 1661 and 1737 by Piarist fathers and dedicated to Sant’Efisio. In the countryside is the XVI century church of sant’Antonio di Fadali, which became active again in the XX century.