A kaleidoscope of forms and colours from a mysterious past, within the bowels of the earth. A visit to Ispinigoli, in the Supramonte di Dorgali area, a few kilometres from the village, is an exciting and evocative descent taking you underground, to a room that is 80 metres in diameter and will strike you for its natural beauty and historical value. Inside the cave, which has been open to the public since 1974, you will walk along a well-equipped trail: the constant cool temperature - always 15 degrees - will accompany to you along the 280 steps of the descent. After going through the entrance, from the natural terrace, you will be captivated by a 38-metre high column, among the most impressive in Europe, a majestic limestone concretion that joins the vault to the base of the cave. It is the beginning of a beautiful sight that will captivate you.