An ancient village in the south-western part of Ogliastra sits at an altitude of 450m above the sea in the rio Pardu valley, encircled by the unusual rocky formations of the high plains: the amazing Porcu ‘e Ludu and Troiscu outcrops. Jerzu is home to about three thousand inhabitants and its steep streets rise upwards over various levels to reveal gorgeous views. The surrounding areas boast peaks with steep walls ideal for free climbing and paths for hiking (or even mountain biking) in the pristine nature provided by woods of oak and maple trees, of myrtle bushes and Spanish broom, of fig, chestnut and almond trees. A network of streams waters vegetable gardens and orchards, the scenery is graced with bare hills skirted by olive groves, cultivated fields and, above all, vineyards that pan out as far as the eye can see, especially in the Pardu and rio Quirra valleys and the Pelau plains. Hundreds of tons of grapes are harvested here every year to make cannonau, the famous red wine that has made Jerzu a City of Wine.