Not even a landscape painter would have been able to use this many colours: from the green of the holm oak forest behind it to the cream colour of the sand, the many shades of blue of the sea and the silver reflections of the granite rocks. The beach of the Sciumara is a colourful crescent shape on the Palau coastline and can be reached on foot and by bike from the residential area. The name - which means ‘mouth’ in Gallura dialect - comes from the fact that the Surrau river flows to the sandy shore.

The beach is bordered to the east by Punta Acapulco and to the west by the Baia di Nelson. Its sand is medium-large grained, the seabed is sandy and the water is shallow, making the beach suitable for families with children. It is particularly popular with snorkelling enthusiasts, thanks to its transparent waters and rich fish fauna.