Set in a bay sheltered from the northwesterly wind, it is embraced by the scent of lentisk trees and junipers behind it, while the islands of Molara and Tavolara opposite offer an unforgettable landscape. The beach of Cala Suaraccia, also known as ‘Le Farfalle’ (The Butterflies), from the name of the nearby village, stretches along the northern part of the promontory of Capo Coda Cavallo, in the heart of the marine protected area of the same name, in the territory of San Teodoro. The beach has fine sand, pale in colour with greyish reflections. It opens into a crescent shape and is about 150 metres long. Behind it, the dense vegetation adds shades of green to the landscape, while the sea is crystal clear and a deep turquoise colour, with some rocky outcrops. The water is deep a few metres from the shore and allows snorkelling enthusiasts to enjoy splendid experiences just below the surface of the water, surrounded by a multitude of multicoloured fish. Among the services available, you will find parking, refreshment areas, beach umbrella and boat rentals, as well as a nearby diving centre.