Smooth, vertical walls, covered by holm oaks and filled with Mediterranean fragrances, rise to reach heights of a thousand metres. The Buttes or 'Tacchi' (literally meaning Heels) owe their name to their pointed shape, like the heel of a shoe and characterize the inland landscape of Ogliastra, particularly that of Ulassai. It is a territory rich in underground waters: from the limestone elevations with gushing springs and streams that, during periods of floods, are the origin of evocative waterfalls. Those of Lecorci, half a kilometre from the inhabited area, emerge at the foot of ataccu, not far beneath the cave of su Marmuri, the largest on the Island. The path of the waters continues on downstream until it reaches, after three kilometres, the waters of Lequarci, the other waterfalls of Ulassai, the most impressive in Sardinia.