It overlooks Piazza Castello in the heart of Sassari, where once stood an opening in the walls of the medieval citadel, revealing in its architecture and furnishings a complete and splendid expression of Baroque art. It is thanks to the hard work of the Dominican monks that the first church of Madonna del Rosario was built, together with the convent, in 1635. The temple was rebuilt and enlarged twenty years later, taking on its present form. All was completed in 1759 with the façade, the work of Gavino Pirinu from Sassari, arranged into two sections. At the centre of the lower part stands a portal framed by Corinthian columns and an entablature, from the ends of which rise two volutes that simulate a curvilinear pediment. Inside, a niche houses the statue of Our Lady of the Rosary. The second segment is narrower and smoother, with a central high-arched window.