Two great Sardinian twentieth century minds, linked by a building-masterpiece, a place of art and identity, knowledge and know-how: the forms inspired by the Neoliberty style of the architect from Cagliari, Ubaldo Badas, and the decorations of the artist from Sassari, Eugenio Tavolara, created one of the best Sardinian expressions of modern architecture, located in the public gardens of Sassari. Inaugurated in 1956 and dedicated to Tavolara, the pavilion has been the headquarters of the Sardinian Institute and Organization of Artisan Work (Istituto Sardo Organizzazione Lavoro Artigiano - ISOLA), which spread the image of a creative and authentic land. It hosted the first exhibitions of artefacts curated by the artist, leading to worldwide fame. Today, now restructured, it will accommodate the museum of handicrafts and design, with the greatest 'public' collection of works by Tavolara and that of ISOLA acquired over six decades: ceramics, baskets, jewellery, fabrics and other products.