Fascinating and of great scientific value, the exhibition embellishes the village-jewel of Laconi. The museum of prehistoric statuary in Sardinia hosts a unique collection of 40 monoliths-menhirs (perdas fittas in Sardinian), a number of giants, attesting to the typological development of anthropomorphic statues in the 3rd millennium BC and accompanying visitors on a discovery of figurative and symbolic expressions of the first age of metals on the Island and in the European megalithic tradition. The museum itinerary unfurls over two floors of the 19th-century Aymerich building, a stately neoclassical home in the centre of the town. Ten rooms, with multimedia support devices and panels, are dedicated to prehistoric statues of Sarcidano and neighbouring territories. The eleventh room displays ceramic, metal and stone finds (from ancient Neolithic to ancient Bronze), coming from megalithic sites such as the Corte Noa dolmen and Masone Perdu tomb.