It sits at the foot of Mount Lachesos, in the middle of mostly hilly, limestone terrain crossed by the river Mannu. Mores is a town in the Meilogu-Logudoro region with almost two thousand residents who live mainly off of agriculture, pasturing and crafts. It is twenty kilometres from Ozieri and 40 from Sassari. The beauty of its territory and numerous nearby archaeological sites make it a must stop. The Steppe Oasis is a must see: meadows, pastures and cultivated fields, an ideal habitat for the little bustard and the weasel. Rare birds can also be seen in the area: the stork, the bee-eater, the calandra lark and the owl. The area has been inhabited since the Neolithic, as seem from pre-historic caves of Su Buccu ‘e Sas Fadas and Su Puttu Porchinu, various Domus de Janas and the Sa Coveccada dolmen, one of the most grandiose of the Mediterranean and a symbol of Mores.