It is the only monothematic museum structure in Europe, dedicated to the ‘black gold’ of Antiquity, which emerges exclusively in Sardinia within the deposits of the Parco di Monte Arci, a popular destination since the 6th millennium BC for all the peoples of the Mediterranean, flocking to this part of the island to source supplies. In the obsidian museum, at the entrance of Pau, a small village in the upper Marmilla region, you will experience a multisensory immersion into the characteristics and prerogatives of the dark and precious glassy mineral, discovering its evolution, remnants and processing techniques enacted by skilled prehistoric craftsmen to produce weapons and tools. You will be able to discover the society and culture responsible for the first specialised form of ‘mass production’, as well as their impact on the present thanks to the exhibition in the museum’s gallery, with artefacts at times inspired by prehistory, made by contemporary artists such as with the works of Karmine Piras and the Atzori brothers. Minerals and fossils can be admired in the loggia whilst in the village’s piazzas, Guinness-record sized sculptures invoke awe.