An ancestral journey through time, a spectacular setting on the border between Oristano and Medio Campidano and an air of mystery emanated by five thousand years of history embedded in a single place. The archaeological park of Cuccurada is perched on the southern edge of the sa Struvina plateau, surrounded by Mediterranean nature, a few steps from Mogoro, a town famous for textile manufacture and wine production. From up there, where shows and exhibitions are staged alongside the impressive vestiges of the past, there is a captivating view: from the valley of the Mogoro rivulet to the sea of the Costa Verde, through Campidano and the mountains of Arci, Arcuentu and Linas. The vast prehistoric and protohistoric complex is clearly visible from state road SS 131: after turning at the crossroads towards Mogoro (62.5 km), it is just two kilometres away. You can discover it, accompanied by the park guides, whose office contains an information centre and an educational and exhibition room.