It was most probably created on a previous Pre-Nuragic building, after which, for almost two thousand years, Nuragic and Ancient Roman populations gravitated around it, inhabiting a fertile plain crossed by the Posada river, which is now part of the Oasis of Tepilora area. The nuraghe San Pietro stands in the locality of the same name, three kilometres from Torpè, a few hundred metres from the river bed. It is a quatrefoiled building, with a central keep - perhaps older than the rest of the building – constructed using large blocks of trachyte, positioned in rows with the addition of shims. The lateral towers, on the other hand, were built using schist blocks. The main tower has a rectangular entrance, over which there is a flat arch, and it is south-facing. The external diameter is approximately 14 metres. Inside, you will see a sentry box and a spiral staircase leading to the terrace. Moving along the corridor, you will come to the central chamber, with three niches positioned in the form of a cross.