The dazzling white sand will suddenly appear before your eyes at the end of a long road bordered by junipers, pines and holm oaks. Although the sensation is that of being in a different world, this place really exists and it is the oasis of Bidderosa: five dreamy little coves inside a park of 860 hectares, mostly formed by woods and Mediterranean scrub, protected by the Forest Authority and entrusted to the Municipality of Orosei, which is 13 kilometres north of here. Access by car or motorbike is limited to a restricted number from May until the end of October. There are no seasonal limits if you enter by bike or on foot, although you must respect the rules regarding preservation of this quiet place set in greenery. By going on a trekking trip, you can delve deep into the reserve: you will admire the rolling greenery, artistic granite elevations and centuries-old junipers standing on the white shorelines. Otherwise, you can get there via a short swim in the sea from the adjoining Cala Ginepro (to the south): during low tide, the water is one metre deep. The first beach in the oasis is four kilometres from the entrance and you will gradually find the other four, all approximately one kilometre long, stretching as far as the northern border, represented by another picture postcard paradise: the splendid beach of Bèrchida, in the territory of Siniscola.