A green lung on the southeastern extremity of Sardinia. The area of the Sette Fratelli includes the mountainous areas and the state-owned forest of the same name, as well as the Monte Genis forest, which is inside the territories of nine Municipalities: Burcei, Castiadas, Maracalagonis, Quartucciu, Quartu Sant'Elena, San Vito, Sinnai, Villasalto and Villasimius. The mountain range, consisting of seven peaks (which is where it gets its name), reaches heights of about one thousand metres: the highest is that of Serpeddì (1067 metres). The oasis is a triumph of nature, particularly for its woods and rare animal species. Strawberry trees, myrtle, heather, junipers, alder and holm oaks are the setting for encounters with wild boars, rabbits, martens, wild cats, golden eagles, peregrine falcons and exemplary Sardinian goshawks, a bird of prey native to Sardinia.