In about one hundred hectares, it contains the most typical environmental and naturalistic aspects of the Sinis peninsula. The oasis of Seu reveals an expanse of Mediterranean scrub that stretches as far as the cliff overlooking the sea, covering the northern promontory of the cove of San Giovanni di Sinis, delimited on the opposite side by Capo San Marco. Returning to the territory of Cabras, the Tower of Sevo dominates the landscape and, in the Sardinian language of Campidano, it is called Turr’e Seu, which is what gave the name to the naturalistic area, in turn included in the protected marine area of the Sinis peninsula, and to the little beach nearby.

The oasis owes its conservation to the will of the landowners, who gained possession of it at the beginning of the 20th century, turning it into a game reserve. The area then became a wildlife oasis managed by the WWF, maintaining its wild and uncontaminated features that still make it stand out today.