Tu hai gli occhi azzurri, i piedi e le mani che sembrano culle: sì, in verità santa, le culle di sughero, appese con corde di pelo alle travi delle case di Onanì, sono più piccole delle tue mani ("Your eyes are blue, your hands and feet are like cradles: in holy truth, even the cork cradles hung with leather cords from the beams in the homes of Onanì are smaller than your hands"). The village referred to in the verse by Grazia Deledda is found at 500 metres above sea level, half way between Bitti and Lula, nestled among hills cloaked in downy oak woods and Mediterranean scrub, next to the Mount Albo chain of mountains. It overlooks a suggestive panorama: the nearby Salti di Mamone, where royal eagles nest and the pastures of the riu Mannu valley.