More than a forest, it is a true natural treasure: a third of its surface is a wildlife protection oasis, containing the most extensive holm oak forest in the world and the largest eucalyptus tree in Sardinia, and it is also home to an unusual ‘hybrid’ plant species. The state-owned forest of Pantaleo stretches for approximately 4200 hectares in the territories of Santadi and Nuxis and is part of the Regional Nature Park of Gutturu Mannu. Among the tree varieties, the holm oak is dominant, but you can also admire cork oaks, yews, hollies, Mount Etna brooms and examples of elder and Montpellier maple trees. Curious holm oak-cork oak hybrid trees have also developed and can be seen along the paths marked out for excursions. In spring, you can also admire colourful peonies.