It stands in the heart of Anglona, in a fertile territory that was one of the first on the island to be inhabited, with traces of human habitation dating back to as early as the Lower Palaeolithic. Perfugas is a Medieval town of 2400 inhabitants located 30 kilometres from Castelsardo and 50 from Sassari. First part of the Giudicato di Torres, it was later purchased by the Doria family. Its name derives from the Latin perfugae, meaning ‘fugitives’, a reference to the Balari, who resided here. The Coghinas River, into which various tributaries merge, flows in the west of the territory, marking the border with Gallura. Once a lake, today, the waters are uncovering the remains of a petrified forest formed between 30 and 15 million years ago. Along the Battana stream evidence of a settlement dated to 150 to 500 thousand years ago have been found. Neolithic sites in the area are countless: stone circles of Concas, Su Lione dolmen and Domus de Janas of Ariete (in Su Solianu), of Niedda and of Funtana Pulida. In 2000 BC, the area contained about 50 Nuragic settlements that left behind proto-Nuraghe, single-towered and complex nuraghes, villages and Giant’s Tombs.