Extending within the Riu Laccus valley, brimming with holm oaks, downy oaks and cork oaks, it lies amidst fertile hills, with the most prominent being Mount Futtu. Pompu is a village of the upper Marmilla region with less than 300 inhabitants. Until 1970, it was a part of Masullas, formed by low stone houses with portals and courtyards. The predominant agricultural activity, with grain crops, vineyards and olive groves, is flanked by crafts, especially that of weaving and the production of bread (civrasciu, coccoi, lada, pani pintau) and sweets (amaretti, gueffus, pabassinos, pardulas). The name derives from the Latin pompa or, ‘procession’. In ancient times, a pilgrimage to the Santa Maria di Monserrato sanctuary was customary prior to the birth of Pompu. Legend goes that, around it, a community of the faithful was established, custodians of the church and those who arranged the pompa, from which arose the first residential nucleus. Hence the name Pompesi and the name of the village.