The ‘tail’ is a strip of land, covered in Mediterranean greenery, stretching towards the enchanting sea in the protected area of Tavolara – Capo Coda Cavallo. It runs along a strip of golden sand, where you can enjoy a fantastic view. The beach is known as Punta Est, about 600 metres long, and as its name suggests, it is the easternmost stretch of coast of the promontory, which falls within the territory of San Teodoro. The vegetation in the uncontaminated landscape behind the beach helps to ‘colour’ the turquoise sea reflecting shades of emerald green, as well as filling the air with the fragrance of strawberry trees, junipers, mastic trees and myrtle. Opposite, you can admire crystal clear waters, where rocks and islets emerge: the closest is the island of Proratora, in front of the extreme tip of the cape, and can be reached via a path surrounded by greenery. Further on, you’ll notice the island of Molara and, in the distance, the unmistakable ‘elongated’ outline of Tavolara.