Asinara is history, charm and splendour, all wrapped up in nature’s embrace. Once you reach Cala d’Oliva, you’ll be filled with emotion at the sight of the wild coves, the small village, where judges Falcone and Borsellino stayed, and the former penal colony. But the island doesn’t end here: following the ‘path of the lighthouse’, to the north, you will cross Punta Scorno, a ‘strip’ of land that leads to the far edge of Asinara and holds treasures to protect, as well as historical monuments and buildings with a heart rending and melancholic atmosphere. You can follow the path on foot or by bike and, on the way, take a dip in the waters of Cala Sabina, the only accessible beach in the area of full protection of the national park. Then, landscapes to admire and immortalise in your photos await you, along with visits to structures steeped in history and plenty of anecdotes.