A mysterious, mystical, almost surreal atmosphere surrounds Sa Carcaredda, an archaeological complex hidden in the middle of a holm oak forest, on the border between Ogliastra and Barbagia, in the territory of Villagrande Strisaili, not far from the shores of the lake in Alto Flumendosa. In the site, frequented since time immemorial, there are the ruins of the monuments and traces of the daily life of the Nuragic peoples who lived here during the Bronze and Iron Ages. The evidence they provide are a temple in antis, a large village and four Giants’ Tombs, and they have a distinctive trait, seemingly appearing to be without nuraghe or nuraghi of reference. The dimensions of the religious building and the tombs, along with the large number of votive artefacts found in the area - probably used as a storeroom - show the importance of the settlement, both from a religious and a commercial point of view and, in general, the complexity of the Nuragic world in Ogliastra.