“It is not a bull's head but a woman giving birth - not a male but a female emblem”. A recent theory regarding the nature of the Tombs of Giants questions the classic and undisputed definition of ‘bull protome’ used to indicate the shape of the approximately 800 collective burials dating back to the Nuragic era discovered on the Island. The fascinating hypothesis also involves one of the most significant and best-preserved tombs: sa Dom’e s’Orku, an extraordinary example of Bronze Age funerary architecture. The name, ‘the ogre's house’, often returns in this type of construction, to symbolise and increase the mystery and fear. Imposing and almost intact, the tomb stands out on a slight elevation (260 metres), on the northwestern side of the plateau of su Pranu or Giara di Siddi, with an enchanting view of the small town of Marmilla, just over six kilometres from the monument.