A wide expanse of pale grey sand, crystal clear waters and soft sand dunes behind it, a view that you will never want to stop observing, in absolute tranquillity. Sa Rocca Tunda stretches along the foot of Capo Mannu, in the northern part of the Sinis peninsula, next to a small village of little houses and dirt roads in the San Vero Milis area. The beach is about a kilometre long and part of the protected marine area of Sinis and is washed by a turquoise sea that takes on more vibrant colours offshore. The left side of the beach is delimited by the promontory of Capo Mannu. In front of it, the islet of sa Tonnara appears and, to the right, there is the cliff of su Crastu Biancu, beyond which you will have a view that stretches from the northern coast of the Oristano area all the way to the ‘costa dei grifoni’ (coast of the griffons) at Capo Marargiu. On the opposite side, behind the promontory, another rocky offshoot stands out, dominated by the remains of the Capo Mannu tower, built in the Spanish period (16th century).