It stands superb, with its distinctive red-ochre colour of the volcanic rock from which it was made. You will see its majesty before you, with the great bell gable resting on a single nave structure and rectangular shape. It is the church of San Pietro, located in the village of Zuri, in the district of Ghilarza, in the historical territory of Barigadu. Church and village hide a story within a story, enshrouded by an aura of mystery. They emerged in a place where the most important Sardinian artificial basin, lake Omodeo, was created in 1924, thanks to the barrage of the river Tirso, and now a splendid scenic site to explore by canoe. The sacred building has been taken apart and rebuilt ashlar by ashlar, beyond the lake, along with new village dwellings, while the 'old Zuri' lies beneath the water, except when it reappears in periods of drought.