A balanced overlapping of architectural forms, it is also a wonderful example of how sacred art on the island has adapted to the dictates of the Counter-Reformation. In the parish church of Santa Barbara, which stands in the historical ‘upstream’ part of Villacidro, this piece of the ‘modern’ European matrix is shown in the choice of a single room system, barrel roofs, evolved and proportionate orders and classical decorative themes. Various construction phases can be distinguished, given that the church has been gradually modified, creating stylistic stratifications. The first certainties regarding the site date back to the 13th century (perhaps in Romanesque style). After the destruction of the medieval Villa at the beginning of the 1400s, during the war between the Aragonese and the Giudicato of Arborea, it was restored in the 16th century in the Gothic-Aragonese style with three naves, without a transept, bearing vaulted side chapels and a wooden roof supported by architraves.