Its tall dark bell tower stands high above the countryside. Seeing it is already an emotion, the first taste of what you will feel when you leave the strada statale 131 trunk road to take the Sassari-Olbia road and, a few kilometres later on, you reach the church of Santissima Trinità. You will be struck by its proud perfection and black and white bicolour appearance given by the limestone and basalt ashlars contrasting with the greenery all around. Its majesty has been dominating the plain of Saccargia, in the territory of Codrongianos, since the first decades of the 12th century. The first evidence is in a condaghe, part of the property of the Camaldolese monks. The date of its extension (1116) is indicated in the document: in fact, the church was built on the ruins of a monastery, next to which you will notice some buildings that are still remaining.